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oops... forgot to uncomment something, fixed

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 #define _UNUSED_            __attribute__ ((unused)) 
-#define KALU_VERSION       "0.0.4"
+#define KALU_VERSION       ""
 #define KALU_TAG            "Keeping Arch Linux Up-to-date"
 #define MAX_PATH            255
     gtk_status_icon_set_visible (icon, TRUE);
     /* set timer, first check in 2 seconds */
-//    kalpm_state.timeout = g_timeout_add_seconds (2, (GSourceFunc) kalu_auto_check, NULL);
+    kalpm_state.timeout = g_timeout_add_seconds (2, (GSourceFunc) kalu_auto_check, NULL);
     notify_init ("kalu");
     if (curl_global_init (CURL_GLOBAL_ALL) == 0)
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