jjacky  committed d2ddba5

Preferences: option SyncDbsInTooltip could not be changed, fixed

When saving preferences the value for SyncDbsInTooltip was unchanged, and its value would overwrite that of SaneSortOrder in memory (i.e. not in kalu.conf).
Also, there was a typo in the label for SyncDbsInTooltip.

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File preferences.c

         GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON (sane_sort_order));
     add_to_conf ("SaneSortOrder = %d\n", new_config.sane_sort_order);
-    new_config.sane_sort_order = gtk_toggle_button_get_active (
+    new_config.syncdbs_in_tooltip = gtk_toggle_button_get_active (
         GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON (syncdbs_in_tooltip));
     add_to_conf ("SyncDbsInTooltip = %d\n", new_config.syncdbs_in_tooltip);
     gtk_widget_show (sane_sort_order);
-    syncdbs_in_tooltip = gtk_check_button_new_with_label ("Show if databases can by synchronized in tooltip");
+    syncdbs_in_tooltip = gtk_check_button_new_with_label ("Show if databases can be synchronized in tooltip");
     gtk_toggle_button_set_active (GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON (syncdbs_in_tooltip),
     gtk_grid_attach (GTK_GRID (grid), syncdbs_in_tooltip, 0, top, 2, 1);