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kalu-updater: environment variables were unset, which could cause issues on some post_{install,upgrade} scripts, fixed

The sysupgrade is ran from kalu-dbus, which is automatically started through DBus. When starting something, DBus does clear all environment variables, which could cause problems is some scripts (e.g. mkinitcpio with autodetect hook, and the lack of a PATH defined).
This is fixed by using a bash script to source /etc/profile (and therefore restore a proper environment) before launching kalu-dbus (See https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=136784)

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File Makefile

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 	install -D -m755 kalu $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/kalu
 	install -D -m755 kalu-dbus $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/kalu-dbus
+	install -D -m755 kalu-dbus-launcher $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/kalu-dbus-launcher
 	install -D -m644 kalu.1.gz $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man1/kalu.1.gz
 	install -D -m644 index.html $(DESTDIR)usr/share/doc/kalu/html/index.html
 	install -D -m644 arch_linux_48x48_icon_by_painlessrob.png $(DESTDIR)usr/share/pixmaps/kalu.png

File kalu-dbus-launcher

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+# we need to source /etc/profile to restore environment variables, most notably the PATH might be
+# required for some scripts ran during a sysupgrade (e.g. mkinitcpio on new kernel)
+. /etc/profile

File org.jjk.kalu.service

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 [D-BUS Service]