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File Makefile

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 	install -D -m755 kalu $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/kalu
 	install -D -m755 kalu-dbus $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/kalu-dbus
+	install -D -m755 kalu-dbus-launcher $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/kalu-dbus-launcher
 	install -D -m644 kalu.1.gz $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man1/kalu.1.gz
 	install -D -m644 index.html $(DESTDIR)usr/share/doc/kalu/html/index.html
 	install -D -m644 arch_linux_48x48_icon_by_painlessrob.png $(DESTDIR)usr/share/pixmaps/kalu.png

File kalu-dbus-launcher

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+# we need to source /etc/profile to restore environment variables, most notably the PATH might be
+# required for some scripts ran during a sysupgrade (e.g. mkinitcpio on new kernel)
+. /etc/profile

File kalu.h

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 #define _UNUSED_            __attribute__ ((unused)) 
-#define KALU_VERSION       "0.1.0"
+#define KALU_VERSION       "0.1.1"
 #define KALU_TAG            "Keeping Arch Linux Up-to-date"
 #define MAX_PATH            255

File org.jjk.kalu.service

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 [D-BUS Service]