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Issue #5 resolved

Update again after upgrade

Anonymous created an issue


Would you mind about adding an CLI option to kalu so that it could perform an update ?

kalu detect some updates

Perform an upgrade via the right clic menu or the notification's button (ie :terminal -e "sudo pacman -Syu")

update kalu again so that the tray icon go gray because there's no more update.


Comments (2)

  1. jjacky repo owner

    Not sure why you want to add a CLI option?

    But yes, kalu could wait for the process started to be done (keeping its icon blinking meanwhile), and when done check for updates (again) to refresh it state and, in case a sysupgrade was done, have its icon turn gray (IOW do with a command line process similarly to what it does with its own updater); good idea.

  2. jjacky repo owner

    When running a cmdline to perform sysupgrade (or AUR upgrade), kalu now waits for the process to end (being "busy" meanwhile), and runs another check right after, to refresh its state. Closes #5.


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