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Could you implement option to upgrade wached packages only? Example, when firefox is watched package and update for firefox is available, could update button be next to the mark package button?

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  1. jjacky repo owner

    hmm.. I'm not sure what you're trying to do here?

    First, the idea of watched packages is that they're not installed on the system, so there's no upgrade to be done as far as they go.

    But, if you add an installed package on your watched list, then it should be listed twice: first on the upgrade notification (with a button "upgrade system"), and also on the watched notification (with a button "mark").

  2. Anonymous

    Here's the thing. I am maintaining Arch based distribution called Nosonja. http://nosonja.org/ I am using custom made package called "nosonja-update" to patch and configure system. Recently I had problem because nosonja-update & pacman were in SyncFirst list. Pacman wouldn't update due some dependency issue so nosonja-update didn't update too. Users must now manually install nosonja-update to fix this bug. I want to avoid this kind of problem in the future so I removed SyncFirst completely from pacman.conf and added pacman -S nosonja-update --nedeed before whole system upgrade to Yapan configuration. Is there a way to add function to update single package to kalu? Thanks in advance

  3. jjacky repo owner

    Well, to answer your question: no.

    kalu is first a upgrade notifier, and also comes with a system upgrader (well, a GTK GUI for libalpm really), but its only purpose is to upgrade the (entire) system, i.e. what `pacman -Syu` do. It can't be used to install/remove packages, or even upgrade only one (or more) specific packages only.

    Besides, the recommended way to upgrade to is always upgrade the whole system at once (-Syu), to avoid breakage with dependencies.

    So for exceptional one-time thing, one would have to go back to pacman. And for regular upgrades, I'm not sure enforcing upgrade of a package first is a good idea (after all, there's a reason the SyncFirst option is being removed from pacman...)

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