Reboot after kernel update

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Could it be interesting to have a notification after a kernel update ? I forgot some time to reboot after thus . --

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  1. jjacky repo owner

    (You mean in kalu's updater (after a sysupgrade), right?)

    I'd say something that specific, no. But maybe there could be some way to get there, e.g. trigger some actions if some (user-defined) packages were updated or something...

    I don't want to make anything too complicated or anything, but since there already are post-sysupgrade actions that can be defined, I'm thinking I could just add a placeholder - e.g. $PACKAGES - that could be specified on command line, and replaced by the list of upgraded packages.

    Then, you could make yourself a script that checks if some package (e.g. linux) was upgraded, and if so show a message/notification.

  2. jjacky repo owner

    PostSysUpgrade: now you can use $PACKAGES to be replaced by the list of upgraded packages (close #9)

    Note that the list actually is of all packages involved in the sysupgrade, i.e. also those removed or added (e.g. when a package is replaced by another one).


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