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+% LaTeX file for resume 
+% This file uses the resume document class (res.cls)
+% the margin option causes section titles to appear to the left of body text 
+\textwidth=5.0in % increase textwidth to get smaller right margin
+%\usepackage{helvetica} % uses helvetica postscript font (download helvetica.sty)
+%\usepackage{newcent}   % uses new century schoolbook postscript font 
+\name{Josh J. Meyer\\[12pt]}
+%\address{{\bf Present Address} \\ 650 16th St Apt. B3 \\ Des Moines, IA 50314  \\
+%        319.594.1239 \\}
+% Don't use address if applying outside of the states.
+\address{{\bf Contact Information}\\319.594.1239\\\\Bitbucket: jjmeyer0}
+\address{{\bf } \\}
+{\bf B.S. in Computer Science, May 2011\\
+Minor in Art, May 2011}\\
+University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
+ {\bf  Application Developer II, March 2013 to Present\\
+ Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa}
+ \begin{itemize} \itemsep -2pt
+ \item Played a key role in designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining a 20+ million dollar project that took 2.5 years to complete.
+ \item Created, designed, and maintained a common data format to allow different systems to communicate.
+ \item Wrote integration software that allows systems to communicate in real time using ActiveMQ and Camel.
+ \item Contributed to workflow and process changes for our deliveries to production (e.g., helped introduce some agile practices).
+ \item Responsible for the maintenance and development of Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines' infrastructure and applications.
+ \end{itemize}
+ {\bf  Application Developer I, January 2012 to March 2013\\
+   Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa}
+ \begin{itemize} \itemsep -2pt
+ \item Refactored Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines' member facing web application. This enabled the development team to easily redesign and add new features.
+ \item Helped create new processes for the development team (e.g., coding standards, code reviews, occasional pair programming). 
+ \item Worked on Core Banking System project. A project that will greatly improve the trade capture processes by replacing a 10+ year old systems.
+ \item Created proof of concept applications for the Core Banking System project.
+ \item Installed and maintained a Wiki site that allowed people to collaborate and share knowledge more easily.
+ \end{itemize}
+ {\bf  Research Experience, May 2010 to December 2011\\
+ University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa}
+ \begin{itemize} \itemsep -2pt  % reduce space between items
+ \item Created and updated tools that allow the process of developing programming languages run more efficiently.
+ \item Aided in the design and implementation of a meta-language that allows the user to create common functions. 
+ \item Attended weekly lectures that were lead by current University of Iowa graduate students.
+ \item Assisted in creating a compiler for Blaise, a new research programming language, created by my professor. Blaise is a functional programming language that requires explicit allocation/deallocation of memory.
+ \item Maintained tools I aided in creating.
+ \end{itemize}
+ {\bf  Multimedia Assistant/Programmer, March 2009 to October 2010\\
+  Patient Education Institute, Coralville, Iowa}
+ \begin{itemize} \itemsep -2pt  % reduce space between items
+ \item Created web applications using PHP that allowed our clients to customize modules.
+ \item Assembled, updated and tested our modules before distributing them to our clients.
+ \item Trained new employees on how to test, update, and assemble modules.
+ \item Developed mobile applications that allows clients to view our product on the iOS device.
+ \end{itemize}
+Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer
+% Tabulate Computer Skills; p{3in} defines paragraph 3 inches wide
+\section{Computer \\ Skills}
+\begin{tabular}{l p{4in}}
+  \underline{Languages:} & Java, OCaml, XML \\
+  \underline{Software:} & Subversion, Git, Microsoft Office, IntelliJ IDEA, Calypso\\
+  \underline{Other:} & Linux, Mac OS X, Spring, Windows, Camel, Maven, JUnit, JAXB