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jk64-sample-apex-tapi / Installation


  • Oracle Application Express 5.0.2 or later
  • Oracle Database 11g or later


There are two versions of the packages, one set is uninstrumented, the other set includes calls to Logger.

  1. Download the latest full Release (under Tags) (NOT the "tip")
  2. Create a workspace (e.g. SAMPLE) with a suitable scheme (e.g. SAMPLE)
  3. Run install_context.sql (substitute the owner name, e.g. SAMPLE)
  4. If you have Logger installed, run install_logger.sql; if you don't have Logger installed, run install.sql
  5. Run f560.sql

If your schema doesn't have permission to create the context, you can still use the app but you'll need to change the Authentication Scheme to "Apex Authentication - no context".

NOTE: reports of compilation errors or other problems are welcome and invited; however, this is not intended to be a self-contained working application; the code is provided primarily for reference and example.


To generate a TAPI for a new table, run this (warning: it overwrites any existing package previously created):

  • table_name: the name of the table already created
    begin generate.tapi(table_name => 'events'); end;

    begin generate.tapi(table_name => 'event_types'); end;

    begin generate.tapi(table_name => 'hosts'); end;