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Django Admin Bootstrap theme

Twitter Bootstrap support for Django Admin. Requires django-admin-tools package.


  • Fix some bugs
  • Add multi-dropdown support


Some model admin


Install package:

$ pip install -e hg+

Site name in navigation bar and title

admintools-bootstrap can use current site to display site name in admin interface.

To enable this feature, add django.contrib.sites to your INSTALLED_APPS list (if you have not yet).

Set site name and domain in django.contrib.sites admin.

Icons in menu items

Bootstrap 2.0 has icons support. To attach icon to navigation menu item, add icon argument to constructor:

       icon='icon-cog icon-white'

Display fieldsets as tabs in changeform (0.0.2 version only)

  • user fieldsets attribute in your ModelAdmin class
  • every fieldset should have name (first item in fieldset definition list)
  • use change_form_template = 'admintools_bootstrap/tabbed_change_form.html' attribute in ModelAdmin


Site link:


If not False, display specified link to site in the top panel