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Terms and Conditions on submission upload page

Josh Klina
repo owner created an issue

Via Eric:

I was thinking that adding a message to the screenshot submission page on PF concerning the reasons screenshots are usually moderated. Something along the lines of:

Please note that if you submit something that a moderator or administrator deems to be below our quality standards, it will be deleted. We will try to notify when this occurs and explain, so please provide a valid e-mail address in your profile.

Screenshots will be moderated if they -don't have submission notes detailing as many individual aspects as possible -don't show enough (or any) open windows and/or link to a version with more detail -are a work in progress, but not submitted to the appropriate category

And whatever you'd want to add/delete from that, too. I'm not quite sure how RoR works, but I'm guessing you could have different messages shown depending on what's chosen from the 'Category' dropdown menu on the New Submission page.

We could dream up qualifications for other types of submissions too I guess, but screenshots are really all that's being moderated.

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