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+Ash POSIX shell on Plan9
+This is a quick port of the Almquist shell to Plan9. Expect some roughness like
+calculator expressions (eg. `var = $(( 2 + 2 ))') not working. To build you need the old
+GNU gcc (gcc 3.0, sic!) from the sources repository. The makefile is also in
+BSD syntax so you need a BSD make like the original pmake or the NetBSD make called
+bmake. I have a port of pmake ready but I need to slightly clean it up before I
+publish it.
+NB. The fact that I took two files (siglist.c and siglist.h) from Bash means that as
+a whole this falls under the GPL. The aim is however to make this a pure BSD licensed
+program again after I carry the port over to current Debian Ash aka Dash which
+ironically is still pure BSD despite being GNU affiliated like the original Ash.
+// Jarkko Kniivilä
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