John Kodumal avatar John Kodumal committed 4778ab8

Added scala library as bundled artifact, created test servlet

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+                    <bundledArtifacts>
+                        <bundledArtifact>
+                            <groupId>com.weiglewilczek.scala-lang-osgi</groupId>
+                            <artifactId>scala-library</artifactId>
+                        </bundledArtifact>
+                    </bundledArtifacts>


     <servlet name="HelloScala" class="com.atlassian.labs.ExampleServlet" key="test">
+    <servlet name="HelloFromScala" class="com.atlassian.labs.ScalaServlet" key="scala">
+        <url-pattern>/scala</url-pattern>
+    </servlet>


 package com.atlassian.labs
-class ScalaServlet {
+import javax.servlet.http.{HttpServletResponse, HttpServletRequest, HttpServlet}
+class ScalaServlet extends HttpServlet {
+    override def doGet(request : HttpServletRequest, response : HttpServletResponse) = {
+        response.getWriter().write("Hello from scala");
+    }
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