Welcome to Papoian Lab’s Mechanochemical Dynamics of Active Networks software package.

Copyright 2015-2018, Papoian lab at the University of Maryland.

For more general information about the code, visit the code webpage ( or the Papoian lab page (

This code is distributed under the license found in this directory, license.txt.

The main authors of the code are the following:

*Name*                  *Email*
Garegin Papoian    
James Komianos
Konstantin Popov

Active developers of the code are the following: Name Email Aravind Chandrasekaran
Haoran Ni Qin Ni Carlos Floyd

All general correspondence about the code and its applications should be directed to Garegin Papoian. All developer and more specific code, installation, and usage correspondence should be directed to Active developers.

This MEDYAN distribution (v3.2.1) has the following files and directories:

*File/Dir*              *Description*               Current file
license.txt             Code licensing information
src                     All source files
restart                 Restart scripts
docs                    Documentation files
examples                A packaged example
visual                  Visualization scripts
papers                  Relevant papers

See the following documentation for details:

*Documentation file*        *Description*
docs/InstallGuide.pdf       Tips on compilation, etc
docs/UsageGuide.pdf         Tips on input, output, etc
docs/ExampleGuide.pdf       Packaged example description