Jan Lahoda committed cf0294f

Web API to get information about the index

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 import org.netbeans.modules.jackpot30.backend.base.CategoryStorage;
+import org.openide.filesystems.FileObject;
-    @Produces("test/plain")
+    @Produces("text/plain")
     public String indexUpdated() throws IOException {
         //XXX: should allow individual providers to do their own cleanup:
         return "Done";
+    @GET
+    @Path("/info")
+    @Produces("text/plain")
+    public Response info(@QueryParam("path") String segment) throws IOException {
+        CategoryStorage cat = CategoryStorage.forId(segment);
+        if (cat == null) {
+            return Response.status(Status.NOT_FOUND).build();
+        } else {
+            FileObject info = cat.getCacheRoot().getFileObject("info");
+            String content = info != null ? info.asText("UTF-8") : "{}";
+            return Response.ok().entity(content).build();
+        }
+    }
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