Jan Lahoda avatar Jan Lahoda committed e3a7c96

Not adding jackpot.jar on the bootclasspath - the javax.model.** is escaped anyway, and having jackpot.jar on bootCP can cause false negatives for CollectionRemove hint

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 JACKPOT_JAR=`readlink -f "$0"`
 JACKPOT_JAR=`dirname "$JACKPOT_JAR"`/jackpot.jar
-java -Xbootclasspath/p:`dirname "$JACKPOT_JAR"`/jackpot.jar org.netbeans.modules.jackpot30.cmdline.Main "$@"
+java -classpath `dirname "$JACKPOT_JAR"`/jackpot.jar org.netbeans.modules.jackpot30.cmdline.Main "$@"
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