Cannot compile jackpot

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Kees Kuip
created an issue

I'm trying to compile jackpot30 from the commandline but I get the following error:<br>

[kees]# pwd<br> /usr/local/java/netbeans/jackpot/jackpot30<br> [kees]# ant<br> Buildfile: build.xml<br> <br> BUILD FAILED<br> /usr/local/kees/java/netbeans/jackpot/jackpot30/build.xml:7: The following error occurred while executing this line:<br> /usr/local/kees/java/netbeans/jackpot/jackpot30/nbproject/build-impl.xml:41: Cannot find NetBeans build harness. <br> Check that nbplatform.default.netbeans.dest.dir and nbplatform.default.harness.dir are defined. <br> On a developer machine these are normally defined in ${}=${netbeans.user}/ <br> but for automated builds you should pass these properties to Ant explicitly.<br> <br> Total time: 0 seconds<br> [kees]# <br>

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  1. Jan Lahoda repo owner

    A copy of NetBeans IDE is needed to do the build. The main part (i.e. the NetBeans plugin) can be built using:

    ant -Dnbplatform.default.netbeans.dest.dir=${netbeans-install-dir} -Dnbplatform.default.harness.dir=${netbeans-install-dir}/harness/ build

    The NetBeans installation needs to be a recent trunk build. Building/running tests is slightly more difficult (borrowedtests module needs to be compiled before building the main tests and the tests depend on a class that may not be in current daily build yet). Various other parts are currently built separatelly.

    There is a script that is used by continuous integration builder in hudson/trunk. There is a continuous build set-up here.

    The building certainly might be simpler (and much better documented), but not sure when I will have enough time to do it.

  2. Anonymous

    OK, I'm now using netbeans 7beta and ant starts compiling. I now get the following error. What jdk version do I need?

    [nb-javac] Compiling 69 source files to /usr/local/kees/java/netbeans/jackpot/jackpot30/api/build/classes [nb-javac] /usr/local/kees/java/netbeans/jackpot/jackpot30/api/src/org/netbeans/modules/jackpot30/impl/ cannot find symbol [nb-javac] symbol : class ScannerFactory [nb-javac] location: package [nb-javac] import;

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