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Ernie Rael
created an issue

There's both {{{ RECENT_PATTERNS_QUERY RECENT_PATTERNS_APPLY }}} in FindDuplicatesRefactoringPanel (just grep, I haven't looked at the code.)

I noticed that the queries work with full patterns; so a single list should just work. Though I haven't played with it much, I'm pretty sure I'd prefer a single list. One example is that after doing some searching, I decide to use a search pattern in a rule. The preview button just doesn't do it for me.

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  1. Ernie Rael reporter


    Against release701 branch:

    • Added system property

    If set to "single" there is one list that is shared for query/fix otherwise two lists as usual

    • simple parse of the pattern, and if there's something like
                 'pattern name':

    then use that in the list rather than entire pattern

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