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UI work for "ExampleList" displaying custom rules

Ernie Rael
created an issue

PersistAndSplitListUI.diff patch does UI related things for working with custom rules. (I'll look at setting ExampleList's editor read-only when I get some time).

The patch from issue 14 should be applied first


** add splitter for list and editor pieces

** persist size/location/split-divider


** persist knownPattern or customPattern selected I introduced a package private version of "setPattern" with a "overrideSettings" argument

** Use JEditorPane (not JTextArea) and do setContentType

ExamplesList uses JEditorPane; FindDuplicatesRefactoringPanel uses JTextArea. I had to make FindDup... a JEditorPane (to avoid Exception about needed StyledEditorKit) so I could do setContentType to get some jVi functionality. In ExamplesList there is {{{ pattern.setContentType(org.openide.util.NbBundle.getMessage( ExamplesList.class, "ExamplesList.pattern.contentType")); }}} which seems strange to me (out of a bundle). I used {{{ pattern.setContentType(getMyTextContentType()); }}} where getMyTextContentType is a static method that could be shared.

BTW, I ended up editting the .form and guarded area to change JTextPane to JEditorPane because I couldn't figure out how to replace the text component in the scroll pane without blowing away layout related.

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  1. Ernie Rael reporter

    Update this patch to fix a couple of bugs

    1. set ExampleList text field to read only
    2. in FindDupRefPan, maintain LRU order of pattern read from prefs

    NOTE: the patch has the same name, don't see a way to invalidate the prevous one

    following for the latest patch: /jackpot30/ $ sum /erra/Desktop/PersistAndSplitListUI.diff 50047 61

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