jackpot30 / remoting / server / tests / run-integration-tests

#!/bin/bash -x
do_index() {
    rm -rf cache
    mkdir -p cache
    ../../build/indexing-backend/ data Data ../tests/cache/ integration-data integration-data/example
    (cd cache; unzip; rm


trap "rm $OUT" EXIT
JACKPOT_WEB_OPTS=-Xmx128m ../../build/indexing-backend/ --port 0 cache >"$OUT" &

trap "kill %1" EXIT

while [ -z "$PORT" ] ; do
     sleep 1s;
     PORT=`cat "$OUT" | grep "Running on port: " | cut -d ':' -f 2 | tr -d ' '`;

(cd integration; mvn -DPORT=$PORT test)

exit 0
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