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Standalone Jackpot 3.0

The standalone Jackpot 3.0 compiler is a javac replacement that not only compiles
the given source files, but also runs any specified Jackpot rules. When the Jackpot
rule has a fix, the fix is applied and a patch file is created in the source output
directory in META-INF/upgrade/upgrade.diff.

There are three sources of Jackpot rules to run:
1) .hint files found on classpath and source path. By default, any .hint file found on
class and source path in META-INF/upgrade is interpreted as a Jackpot rule and performed.
Use "-Ajackpot30_enable_cp_hints=true/false" to enable/disable running the rules and
"-Ajackpot30_apply_cp_hints=true/false" to enable/disable application of the primary
fixes of the rules.
2) custom rule files passed from command line using "-Ajackpot30_extra_hints=<files".
3) NetBeans hints (disabled by default)

Running jackpotc from command line

jackpotc script can be used as a replacement of javac. Pass the above arguments to
control which rules should or should not be run.

-"-sourcepath" argument must be provided
-"-J" arguments are not supported

Running jackpotc from ant

Start ant using "ant -lib <directory-containing-jackpotc> -Dbuild.compiler=org.netbeans.modules.jackpot30.compiler.ant.JackpotCompiler".
The "-A" parameters need to be passed using -D instead of -A.