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Adding a note about the standalone tool.

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 The refactorings are specified using a [[RulesLanguage|rules language]]. The refactorings
 are found either on the project's classpath, as ".hint" files in META-INF/upgrade directory,
 on are specified by the user in the refactoring dialog.
+The project is implemented as plugin into the [[|NetBeans IDE]].
+A [[StandaloneJackpot|standalone]] (command line) tool is currently under development.

+=Standalone tool
+A command line that runs Jackpot 3.0 rules is currently under development. The tool
+should allow either to get warnings from the rules, or to automatically apply the appropriate
+fixes. Bindings to the [[|ant tool]] and [[|Hudson]]
+should also be created.
+The development of the standalone tool and the ant bindings started
+[[|here]], the code for the Hudson
+plugin is [[|here]].