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Description of standalone Jackpot tool

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 * remoting support: let your [[http://hudson-ci.org/|Hudson build]]) create an index
 for your whole project, and then perform project-wide find usages, Go to Type, even without having
 every IDE project opened in your IDE.
-* [[https://bitbucket.org/jlahoda/jackpot30/downloads/jackpot.zip|standalone tool]]
+* [[StandaloneJackpot|standalone tool]]
 to perform Jackpot refactorings or run NetBeans' static analysis for Java from the command line.
 The tool can also be used to run tests for the declarative refactoring scripts.

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 =Standalone tool
-A command line that runs Jackpot 3.0 rules is currently under development. The tool
-should allow either to get warnings from the rules, or to automatically apply the appropriate
-fixes. Bindings to the [[http://ant.apache.org|ant tool]] and [[http://hudson-ci.org/|Hudson]]
-should also be created.
+A command line tool that runs the declarative refactoring rules is developed under
+[[http://bitbucket.org/jlahoda/jackpot30/src/tip/cmdline/|this project]].
+The tool produces warnings for custom refactoring rules and standard NetBeans warnings. It can
+also apply the main fix for the warning, producing either a changed source code or a diff.
-The development of the standalone tool and the ant bindings started
-[[http://bitbucket.org/jlahoda/jackpot30/src/tip/server/compiler/|here]], the code for the Hudson
-plugin is [[http://bitbucket.org/jlahoda/jackpot30/src/tip/server/hudson/|here]].
+In addition to runing the tool from command line, there are ant and maven bindings.
+==Use in Maven
+Currently, the tool and the maven plugin are available only in this snapshot repository: {{{http://lahoda.info/maven/snapshots}}}.
+To use the plugin add this to your pom.xml:
+  <build>
+    <plugins>
+      <plugin>
+        <groupId>org.netbeans.modules.jackpot30</groupId>
+        <artifactId>jackpot30-maven-plugin</artifactId>
+        <version>7.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
+      </plugin>
+    </plugins>
+  </build>
+To specify a configuration file use:
+      <plugin>
+        <configuration>
+          <configurationFile>jackpot-settings.xml</configurationFile>
+        </configuration>
+The plugin defines two goals:
+* {{{jackpot30:analyze}}} performs the analysis
+* {{{jackpot30:showgui}}} shows a dialog that allows to conveniently adjust the warnings produced by the tool. The settings are stored to the specified configuration file
+==Use in Ant
+Download the tool distribution from [[http://bitbucket.org/jlahoda/jackpot30|here]], unpack it to {{{${jackpot.home} }}}. Define the jackpot task as:
+{{{<taskdef name="jackpot" classname="org.netbeans.modules.jackpot30.cmdline.ant.JackpotTask" classpath="${jackpot.home}/jackpot-ant.jar"/>}}}
+Invoke the tool like this:
+        <jackpot jackpotHome="${jackpot.home}" source="<source-level>" configfile="<path-to-configuration-file>">
+            <src> <!--source path specification as for the compiler-->
+            </src>
+            <classpath> <!--claasspath specification as for the compiler-->
+            </classpath>
+        </jackpot>