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 = Jackpot 3.0 Homepage
-The Jackpot 3.0 project allows to describe refactorings in a user-friendly way
-and to easily apply these refactorings on huge codebases.
-Jackpot 3.0 can be used for semi-automatic library upgrades, one-off refactorings,
+Originally, the Jackpot 3.0 project revived a DSL for custom declarative refactorings,
+originally developed at Sun Labs as part of [[|project Jackpot]].
+The language can be used for semi-automatic library upgrades, one-off refactorings,
 corrections of common anti-patterns and structural searches.
 The refactorings are specified using a [[RulesLanguage|rules language]]. The refactorings
 are found either on the project's classpath, as ".hint" files in META-INF/upgrade directory,
-on are specified by the user in the refactoring dialog.
+on are specified by the user in the Inspect&Refactor dialog.
 There's also [[RulesLanguageAdditionalDocs|proposed or suplementary doc]].
-The project is implemented as plugin into the [[|NetBeans IDE]].
-An experimental standalone (command line) tool is [[|also available]].
+Demo examples of Jackpot 3.0 scripts can be found
+[[|in the demo repository]].
+The language has been merged into the standard NetBeans distribution in [[|NetBeans IDE 7.1]].
+This project therefore no longer hosts the code that interprets the transformation rules.
+This project still hosts some advanced/experimental features focused on increasing
+overall developer productivity, mainly in the NetBeans IDE. These include:
+* remoting support: let your [[|Hudson build]]) create an index
+for your whole project, and then perform project-wide find usages, Go to Type, even without having
+every IDE project opened in your IDE.
+* [[|standalone tool]]
+to perform Jackpot refactorings or run NetBeans' static analysis for Java from the command line.
+The tool can also be used to run tests for the declarative refactoring scripts.