A plugin/module for the NetBeans IDE to directly open OpenJDK sources.


Go to Tools/Plugins, click on the Settings tab, and Add as a new plugin center. From this plugin center, install JDK Project for NetBeans and JTReg Support.

Basic Usage

For repositories using the Modular Source Code layout, to open individual modules should be opened as projects. Tests of the jdk repository are stashed under the java.base module.

For repositories not using the Modular Source Code layout, open the jdk repository as a project.


Current known caveats/limitations:

  • there must exist a configuration when opening the projects, and when starting the IDE with the projects open. If there is more than one configurations, one is chosen.
  • the project should contain the platform independent sources and the sources for the current platform. Sources for the other plaforms are not supported at this time.
  • this project is incompatible with existing legacy project metadata in jdk/make/netbeans, and for modular build also with metadata in langtools/make/netbeans.
  • only NetBeans 8.0 and newer are supported.
  • the projects currently don't support building, testing or any other similar actions.