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+from mercurial.i18n import _
+from collections import deque
+def parenti(ui, repo, build_id, changeset_id):
+    target = repo[build_id];
+    to_do = deque([]);
+    to_do.append(repo[changeset_id] );
+    done = set();
+    while to_do:
+        current = to_do.popleft();
+        if not current in done:
+            if target == current:
+                ui.write("build_id contains changeset_id\n");
+                return;
+            for c in current.children():
+                to_do.append(c);
+            done.add(current);
+    ui.write("build_id does not contain changeset_id\n");
+cmdtable = {
+    "parenti":
+        (parenti,
+         [ ],
+         _('hg parenti build_id changeset_id')),
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