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update v8 build instructions
remove bad phony target
more tests. send data back to caller (instead of port owner)
do lists right
debug def
send data to port with erlang bin format
be less stupid about the std lib
handle memory leaks in serialization routine. needs serious cleanup and rethinking.
cleanup some junk up sorta, wat
better test
run multiple scripts in a row yeah
v8erl can run scripts now
hooray, builds on osx
minor name change
a couple more batteries functions
ewwww, tabs
sigh. I guess object iterators should support own properties only when told.
library compatibility... not sure I need this in v8
stubs for erlang JS api and my batteries library
use prototypal()
more xhr impl compilation step for JS spidermonkey dependency
make targets for output dirs
preliminary XHR implementation on JS side. I think this is going to be where the XHR gets done instead of an erlang pseudo-class.
finally! got the arch make working.
Suppress option doesn't work on linux g++. Removed it from LDFLAGS for so compilation. Should still be enabled on Darwin (OS X).
more xhr impl
preliminary xhr erlang-side implementation
make makfile work for macosx building
Fixed up Makefile so it is easier to digest. Added Makedefs to store Makefile variable definitions.
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