You'll need the Python Markdown package to build the spec.  See

The build process assumes that the project is inside an hg repository.  If for 
some reason it's not, the only problem you should have is the call to |hg id| 
in  You can safely change the get_hgid() function to return the 
empty string.

The text of the spec is contained in |index.mkd|.  This file is a regular 
Markdown file, except that strings surrounded by $dollar signs$ are converted 
to <span class='var'>foo</span>, and the strings [[build date]] and [[hg id]] 
are replaced by the build system (specifically,

I've included a .vimrc with a few settings which made editing the Markdown file 
a little easier.  The perdirvimrc plugin will automatically pick up this file.

index.html and style.css are the only files you need in order to view the spec.