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birthday post - Jacquie Somerville's Love Lust & Lunacy

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+date: 4 November 2011
+time: 1:49pm
+zone: America/Toronto
+tags: books, sex, love scenes, fidelity, infidelity 
+author: Jonathan
+I'm participating in [Nanowrimo]( this year - to write a novel in one month.
+So far, I haven't put much to "paper" (I write electronically these days) but I've been going through plot lines, set pieces, putting together the pieces in my head.
+I came across [Jacquie Somerville's site]( by accident. It's lovely. I was looking for "love scenes" and how to write them, and this stuff is explosive.
+[Jacquie Somerville's book videos. Start at the bottom due to the reversed order!!](
+[Just a teaser, visit her site for more](
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