1. Joseph Marshall
  2. gondola


Gondola ======= Entry in PyWeek #7 <http://www.pyweek.org/7/> Team: Arctic Paint <http://arcticpaint.com/> Members: Matthew Marshall, Joey Marshall <joey@arcticpaint.com> DEPENDENCIES: You might need to install some of these before running the game: Python >= 2.4: http://www.python.org/ Pyglet >= 1.1: http://www.pyglet.org/ Rabbyt >= 0.8.1: http://matthewmarshall.org/projects/rabbyt/ (If you downloaded a binary package these are all included.) RUNNING THE GAME: Open a terminal / console and "cd" to the game directory and run: python run_game.py If you downloaded the Linux binary package, execute "run_game.sh". If you downloaded the Windows binary package, double click on Gondola.exe. HOW TO PLAY THE GAME: Follow the ingame tutorial. LICENSE: All code and data, with the exception of the music and sounds, is licensed under the GPL3