Jeremy Sandell committed d73e2fa Draft

remove unused variables / computations.

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 					mRemainingTime += timeSinceLastFrame;
 					int steps = (int)(mRemainingTime / mDelta);
-					Ogre::Real mFinalTime = steps * mDelta;
-					Ogre::Quaternion cameraCurrentOrientation = mCameraCS->getCameraOrientation();
-					Ogre::Real finalPercentage = mFinalTime / mRemainingTime;
-					Ogre::Vector3 cameraFinalPosition = cameraCurrentPosition + ((cameraFinalPositionIfNoTightness - cameraCurrentPosition) * finalPercentage);
-					Ogre::Quaternion cameraFinalOrientation = Ogre::Quaternion::Slerp(finalPercentage, cameraCurrentOrientation
-																						, mCameraCS->getCameraTargetOrientation()) ;
-					Ogre::Vector3 cameraIntermediatePosition = cameraCurrentPosition;
-					Ogre::Quaternion cameraIntermediateOrientation = cameraCurrentOrientation;
 					for(int i=0;i<steps;i++)
 						Ogre::Real percentage = ((i+1)/(Ogre::Real)steps);
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