These are Boost.Python bindings for OGRE, OIS and Bullet; they still need a
lot of work, but they are usable at this point. They're intended to be a drop
in solution - see src/main.cpp for an example of one way of handling it.

The only requirements for using them *should* be Boost.Python (and it's own
dependencies). The included example does require more of Boost, as it's a
lot easier that way. :D

Note that this isn't meant to be in "competition" with the Python-Ogre team;
I needed to embed Python, rather than extend it, so I wanted a very simple
means of doing so. Hence the ogre bindings are in a single .cpp/.h file, as
are the ois and bullet bindings.

There's also an optional ogre_python_utils .cpp/.h file, which at this point
simply contains an input manager class to make it easier to pass OIS callbacks
to multiple consumer classes, though some Ogre <-> Bullet helper classes and
functions will go in there over time.

There's an example script in bin/debug/scripts/ showing how to use
the bindings; more will be added, and once I have the main functionality done
I'll add some real documentation.