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Forked to work on Windows with my curses package for Python 2.6 (see Python issue 2889: and )

Recent activity

Jérôme Berger

Jérôme Berger pushed 1 commit to jmb/crecord

918b345 - Fixed the error message when curses is unavailable (it used to work with previous versions of Python/Mercurial/crecord).
Jérôme Berger

Jérôme Berger pushed 17 commits to jmb/crecord

7554717 - Merged with upstream.
55cf805 - - closes issue #36: unable to commit changes to previously empty file
1a1d114 - - allow -u parameter to work when user not defined in hgrc file (issue #34)
d7e81dc - - fix small bug in last commit: don't toggle amend if version < 2.2
f6c90dc - - add 'a' keybinding to toggle the amend flag available in more recent hg versions
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