A package of classes that represent and manipulate quaternions.

Contains definitions for basic arithmetic functions in a static class.

Quaternions are an extension of the idea of complex numbers, and are defined as: q = a + bi + cj + d*k

In 1844 Hamilton described a system in which numbers were composed of a real part and 3 imaginary and independent parts (i,j,k), such that: 1. i^2 = j^2 = k^2 = -1 2. ij = k, jk = i, ki = j 3. ji = -k, kj = -i, ik = -j

These are known as "Hamilton's rules"

This is old code I wrote for PEAR. Originally it was tracked in CVS, then it was moved to SVN, and now I am importing it to git :-)

-- Jesus M. Castagnetto