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Easily create a compute cluster on top of a cloud computing infrastructure.


CloudMan is a cloud manager that orchestrates all of the steps required to provision a complete compute cluster environment on a cloud infrastructure; subsequently, it allows one to manage the cluster, all through a web browser. Although CloudMan can be used in any domain and for any purpose that calls for a compute cluster, it is primarily used in the context of Galaxy Cloud and CloudBioLinux and, along with the infrastructure, ensures a complete Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis toolset is instantly available. CloudMan is currently available on the AWS EC2 cloud.


To instantiate a CloudMan cluster, simply visit

Local deployment

For basic testing and some development, CloudMan can be run locally. Start by cloning CloudMan source, installing virtualenv, and adding Python libraries required by CloudMan. Then, run it:

$ cd <project root dir>
$ hg clone
$ virtualenv --no-site-packages .
$ source bin/activate
$ pip install -r cloudman/requirements.txt
$ sh cloudman/ [--reload]

Custom cloud deployment

If you would like to deploy CloudMan and all of its dependencies on a cloud infrastructure where a public image does not already exist, take a look at mi-deployment scripts ( in particular), which enable an easy way to do so.


The code is freely available under the MIT license.

Recent activity

John Chilton

John Chilton pushed 10 commits to jmchilton/cloudman

bfa28cb - Reduce code duplication in
76afe9d - Replace magic constants with named constants in cm/
ef4e798 - Implement and test user data option instance_terminate_attempts, that tells Instance how many failed termination attempts are allowed before just removing the node.
74119dc - Implement test case for giving up on instance termination. Change logic so that REBOOT_COUNT_THRESHOLD & TERMINATE_COUNT_THRESHOLD are handled the same (TERMINATE_COUNT_THRESHOLD now represents number of ...
2d04dbd - Implement and test user data option instance_reboot_attempts, to control number of reboot attempts by Instance in before terminate.
John Chilton

John Chilton pushed 48 commits to jmchilton/cloudman

5f6b1b6 - Reduce sleep between starting galaxy processes.
f06e345 - Get rid of stray print statement causing AJAX calls to fail.
a1d744e - Make condor service start conditional, like hadoop. CBL condor install doesn't work with latest Ubuntu LTS so IMHO this should be optional.
37f5540 - The ui-bootstrap-tpls script URL was not compatible with CloudMan deployed over SSL, so I have added it to CloudMan dist.
f3abfe4 - Use jquery CDN compatible with CloudMan deployed over SSL.
John Chilton

John Chilton pushed 202 commits to jmchilton/cloudman

6d34396 - Getting another odd venvburrito error related to HOME not being set.
e76ecf9 - Break big file up into module that can be reused by the rest of CloudMan, tested, etc.... Split some logic out and add unit ...
98b985f - Implement user data option ignore_unsatisfiable_dependencies that allows externally managed resources to work with CloudMan again.
f939c01 - Fixes for ed7287a. Fix test case broken as a result, fix setting database_connection from user data in the configuration directory use case (give userdata a ...
be60f44 - Display a UI message to indicate a migration is in progress
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