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The latest information about Galaxy is always available via the Galaxy
website above.

Galaxy requires Python 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7. To check your python version, run:

% python -V
Python 2.7.3

Start Galaxy:

% sh

Once Galaxy completes startup, you should be able to view Galaxy in your
browser at:


You may wish to make changes from the default configuration.  This can be done
in the universe_wsgi.ini file.  Tools are configured in tool_conf.xml.  Details
on adding tools can be found on the Galaxy website (linked above).

Not all dependencies are included for the tools provided in the sample
tool_conf.xml.  A full list of external dependencies is available at:

Recent activity

John Chilton

John Chilton pushed 1918 commits to jmchilton/galaxy-central-datatype-tracking-refactorings

8ff7c6d - Only respect tool's default_destination elements implemented in previous changeset if `allow_tool_default_destinations` is set to True in universe_wsgi.ini (defaults to False).
72863f6 - Allow tools to specify a `default_destination` XML element. This will be treated like a `destination` element in `job_conf.xml` and must specify a runner and may ...
dc6e034 - Enhance the Galaxy API for installing tool shed repositories to make sure the tool_dependency_dir setting is defined in the Galaxy configuration file if installing tool ...
acc4a22 - Add the threadpool_kill_thread_limit setting to the tool shed's sample configuration file.
4f7b7e4 - Add more package requirements for datatype converters
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