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John Chilton
Easier to use input mapping when running workflows. The old 'ds_map' parameter remains in place for backward compatibility and with the same behavior. A new parameter 'inputs' can now be specified instead however, and its keys corresponding to the steps 'order_index' instead of the raw unencoded database ids 'ds_map' uses. This variant has the nice property that this map can be constructed without prior knowledge of how Galaxy will assign ids during import - hence it is easier to use and more portable. Additionally, 'inputs' is more flexiable and can revert to the old behavior by specifying a new parameter 'inputs_by' as 'step_id'. 'inputs_by' can also be 'name' - this is even more human friendly because it will assign the ids based on data input names (this is what I intend to use mostly, but I have not made it the default because not all workflows will have data inputs with distinct names). F…