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John Chilton
Enhancements related to API workflow sharing. Add ability to specify 'publish' and 'importable' when uploading new workflows via the API. Implement tests of this ability and use it to test importing shared workflows (recently added by Nicola). Small improvements to shared import exception handling.
John Chilton
A few a more fairly generic API exceptions, error codes.
John Chilton
Make workflows API more REST-like... ... in backward compatible manner. New routes and deprecations exist for the following functionalities: Running a workflow: Previously a workflow was run by POSTing to /api/workflows with an encoded workflow_id in the payload. This should now be considered deprecated in favor `POST /api/workflows/{workflow_id}/run`. Payload remains the same except workflow_id should not be included. Uploading a new workflow as JSON: Previous route was "POST /api/workflows/upload", this still works but should …
John Chilton
Rename _workflow_from_dict to more clearly indicate it saves a workflow.