Galaxy Extras

galaxy-extras is a fork of galaxy-dist ( meant to be home for core galaxy framework enhancements that have been passed on by the Galaxy team.

Currently, this is maintained solely by me (John Chilton), but I would be happy to bring on other developers and features if the situation arises. This is not meant to compete in anyway so it is important that any contributions have been submitted to galaxy-central first and passed on or build on existing features already in galaxy-extras.

The current plan is to tag releases rougly as frequently and roughly corresponding to tags made upstream in galaxy-dist. Despite the hope for releases and quick acknowledgement of support requests, this is a community effort and lacks the funding, developers, and users of the upstream galaxy distribution so please be cautious about merging or tracking against this codebase for your own Galaxy instance.

Current Extras

- Multiple File Datasets (Optional)
- Display Application Parameters 


The latest information about Galaxy is always available via the Galaxy
website above.

Galaxy requires Python 2.6 or 2.7. To check your python version, run:

% python -V
Python 2.7.3

Start Galaxy:

% sh

Once Galaxy completes startup, you should be able to view Galaxy in your
browser at:


You may wish to make changes from the default configuration.  This can be done
in the universe_wsgi.ini file.  Tools are configured in tool_conf.xml.  Details
on adding tools can be found on the Galaxy website (linked above).

Not all dependencies are included for the tools provided in the sample
tool_conf.xml.  A full list of external dependencies is available at: