Mutter Push ZNC Module

Mutter Push is a ZNC module for the Mutter IRC client. It will send notifications to Apple's Push Notification Service for any messages that match your own nickname or keywords in the client settings; this includes: private messages, private notices, channel messages, and channel notices. Note: notifications will only be sent if you are set to away.

The module is work in progress, but should be stable enough for every day use. It has been tested against ZNC 1.6. Users are more than welcome to submit feature requests or patches for inclusion.


You can download the module from bitbucket:

unzip -d mutter -j
cd mutter


Install PIP which is used to install and manage software packages written in Python:

$ sudo apt-get install python3-pip

Install Requests which is a HTTP library used by Mutter:

$ sudo pip3 install requests

Load ModPython if not already loaded:

/znc loadmod modpython


Copy the Mutter ZNC module to your modules directory:

$ cp ~/.znc/modules/

Load the ZNC module:

/znc loadmod mutter

Privacy Policy

The Mutter Push ZNC Server records the date and time of each transaction in a log file. It also temporarily stores APNS tokens received from Apple to be expired by the ZNC Mutter Push Notification module.