Cody Schafer avatar Cody Schafer committed 469b29f

Add multilib fix.

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+syntax: glob
+# HG changeset patch
+# Parent 37831a33e07e0aa865586d3b13b5b7824f35b4c1
+diff -r 37831a33e07e -r d8c0c50fe0db scripts/build/cc/
+--- a/scripts/build/cc/	Tue Oct 16 20:57:44 2012 +0200
++++ b/scripts/build/cc/	Tue Oct 16 17:51:42 2012 -0400
+@@ -349,11 +349,7 @@
+         extra_config+=("--with-system-zlib")
+     fi
+-    if [ "${CT_MULTILIB}" = "y" ]; then
+-        extra_config+=("--enable-multilib")
+-    else
+-        extra_config+=("--disable-multilib")
+-    fi
++    [ "${CT_MULTILIB}" != "y" ] && extra_config+=("--disable-multilib")
+     CT_DoLog DEBUG "Extra config passed: '${extra_config[*]}'"
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