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Matthew Jones  committed 0e97527

Change the filename matching regex to pick up files that don't necessarily have one of our matching extensions... we'll try this one out for a while

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File src/com/matburt/mobileorg/Synchronizers/Synchronizer.java

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     HashMap<String, String> getOrgFilesFromMaster(String master) {
-        Pattern getOrgFiles = Pattern.compile("\\[file:(.*?\\.(?:org|pgp|gpg|enc))\\]\\[(.*?)\\]\\]");
+        Pattern getOrgFiles = Pattern.compile("\\[file:(.*?)\\]\\[(.*?)\\]\\]");
         Matcher m = getOrgFiles.matcher(master);
         HashMap<String, String> allOrgFiles = new HashMap<String, String>();
         while (m.find()) {