Jambunathan K  committed 4b77728

org.el (org-modules): odt is no longer a contrib module

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 	(const :tag "C  mac-link-grabber   Grab links and URLs from various Mac applications" org-mac-link-grabber)
 	(const :tag "C  man:               Support for links to manpages in Org-mode" org-man)
 	(const :tag "C  mtags:             Support for muse-like tags" org-mtags)
-	(const :tag "C  odt:               OpenDocumentText exporter for Org-mode" org-odt)
 	(const :tag "C  panel:             Simple routines for us with bad memory" org-panel)
 	(const :tag "C  registry:          A registry for Org-mode links" org-registry)
 	(const :tag "C  org2rem:           Convert org appointments into reminders" org2rem)