Third party clojurescript libraries dependencies

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Peter Rudenko
created an issue

Hi thanks for plugin. I have an error compiling with cljs libraries dependencies:

resolvers ++= Seq(
        "clojars" at "",
        "clojure-releases" at ""

val appDependencies = Seq("prismatic" % "schema" % "0.1.3")
(ns schema-examples
  (:require [schema.core :as s]))

(s/validate s/Number 42)
[error] c.g.j.jscomp - schema_examples:3: ERROR - required "schema.core" namespace never provided

ERROR: JSC_MISSING_PROVIDE_ERROR. required "schema.core" namespace never provided at schema_examples line 3 : 0

sbt downloaded prismatic#schema;0.1.3!schema.jar, so it should be in classpath.

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