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Issue #10 wontfix

Cache invalidation through management command

created an issue

It would be nice if johnny provided a management command to invalidate the (entire) cache.

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  1. Anonymous

    We have been using something like this with good result.

    import sys
    import logging
    from optparse import make_option
    from django.core.management.base import BaseCommand, CommandError
    class Command(BaseCommand):
        help = ("Invalidates portions of the queryset cache based on the app names"
                " or models provided as arguments to the command. If no arguments "
                "are provided, nothing is done. To clear the entire queryset "
                "cache, use the --all_models option.")
        args = '[appname appname.ModelName ...]'
        option_list = BaseCommand.option_list + (
                '--all-models', dest='all_models', action='store_true',
                default=False, help='Invalidate the cache for all models.'
                '-e', '--exclude', dest='exclude', action='append', default=[],
                help='App to exclude (use multiple --exclude to exclude multiple '
        def handle(self, *app_labels, **options):
            from django.core.cache import cache
            from django.db.models import get_app, get_apps, get_models, get_model
            from django.utils.datastructures import SortedDict
            from johnny.cache import invalidate
            from johnny.middleware import QueryCacheMiddleware
            log = logging.getLogger('clear_johnny_cache')
            # enable queryset cache
            q = QueryCacheMiddleware()
            all_models = options.get('all_models')
            exclude = options.get('exclude')
            excluded_apps = set(get_app(app_label) for app_label in exclude)
            app_list = None
            if all_models:
                if len(app_labels):
                    # FIXME: warn user that specifying apps on the command line when
                    # using -all-models options has no impact
                app_list = SortedDict((app, None) for app in get_apps() if app not in excluded_apps)
            elif not len(app_labels) == 0:
                app_list = SortedDict()
                for label in app_labels:
                        app_label, model_label = label.split('.')
                            app = get_app(app_label)
                        except ImproperlyConfigured:
                            raise CommandError("Unknown application: %s" % app_label)
                        model = get_model(app_label, model_label)
                        if model is None:
                            raise CommandError("Unknown model: %s.%s" % (app_label, model_label))
                        if app in app_list.keys():
                            if app_list[app] and model not in app_list[app]:
                            app_list[app] = [model]
                    except ValueError:
                        # This is just an app - no model qualifier
                        app_label = label
                            app = get_app(app_label)
                        except ImproperlyConfigured:
                            raise CommandError("Unknown application: %s" % app_label)
                        app_list[app] = None
            if app_list:
                # Generate a list of models to be invalidated, and call the Johnny
                # Cache invalidate command.
                full_model_list = []
                for app, model_list in app_list.items():
                    if model_list is None:
                        model_list = get_models(app)
                    if model_list:
                log.info('Trying to clear cache for %d app(s), %d model(s) to invalidate' % (len(app_list), len(full_model_list)))
                for model in full_model_list:
                    log.info('Invalidating cache for %s' % (model._meta.module_name))
                log.info('Done invalidating')
                log.info('No model to invalidate')
  2. Jason Moiron repo owner

    I don't plan on including a command like this, but feel free to create a separate package to provide utilities if you've found them useful.

    EDIT: As an aside, the QueryCacheBackend has a `flush_query_cache` function, which uses connection.introspection to get table names and then invalidates them all. A simple way to flush the cache then, in the django shell:

    from johnny.cache import get_backend
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