Yet another WhereNode not iterable (admin, dj 1.2.3)

Issue #37 wontfix
Piotr Kilczuk
created an issue

When adding new object via Django Admin, TypeError 'WhereNode' object is not iterable is being raised.

As far as I've been able to find out, a query that breaks things is: {{{ SELECT, investor_report_translation.is_published, investor_report_translation.pub_date, investor_report_translation.title, investor_report_translation.slug, investor_report_translation.excerpt, investor_report_translation.content, investor_report_translation.attachment, investor_report_translation.language_code, investor_report_translation.master_id FROM investor_report_translation WHERE (investor_report_translation.slug = okresowy-001 ) ORDER BY investor_report_translation.language_code ASC LIMIT 21 }}}

Django Version: 1.2.3; Python Version: 2.6.5

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