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Issue #47 resolved

celery task wrapping another way

Greg Taylor
created an issue

Is the attached module a better way to do celery task wrapping than the task_wrapper in utils.py? I don't have to explicitly change all of my celery task calls, since there are signals that django-celery sends.

I'm not entirely sure how johnny_task_wrapper() is supposed to work, since it's not documented. Though, if I understand, I'd have to wrap all of my Task calls with it. Might this be better done via signals for most cases?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Greg, Yes, your tasks.py is probably more straightforward for a typical installation than wrapping every celery task. Personally I would probably rather do

    from johnny.cache import get_backend, local

    get_backend().patch() #instead of QueryCacheMiddleware

    local.clear() #instead of LocalStoreClearMiddleware

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