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Jason Moiron  committed 37e4973

make all of the output to `ls` colored

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         s.append("Pack #%d from %s on %s@%s being transfered at %s." % (cmd.num, cmd.bot, cmd.channel, cmd.network, cps))
     for cmd in Active.queued():
         s.append("Pack #%d from %s on %s@%s queued remotely [position %d]." % (cmd.num, cmd.bot, cmd.channel, cmd.network, cmd.queue_position))
-    if not s:
-        s = "No files being transfered."
-    else: s = "\n".join(s)
     if len(CommandQueue) == 0:
         print_info("No files in the queue.  " + s)
-        print_info(s)
+        if not s:
+            print_info("No files being transfered.")
+        else:
+            for line in s: print_info(line)
         for f in CommandQueue: