YTL project

This the README document for the project - to help you to get started with the project development.

Setup development environment

Run commands in root directory

  • Create env:

    virtualenv --python=python2 env
    source env/bin/activate
  • Install dependencies (other than coming from GAE):

    pip install pytz pip install babel

  • Link libraries:

    ln -s env/lib/site-packages/pytz app/pytz
    ln -s env/lib/site-packages/babel app/babel

Update translations

Run commands:

pybabel extract -o ./locale/messages.pot ./
pybabel update -l fi_FI -d ./locale -i ./locale/messages.pot
pybabel compile -f -d ./locale

With new language first you need to initialize:

pybabel init -l new_LANG -d ./locale -i ./locale/messages.pot

Deploy application

Deploy application to Google AppEngine by running:

appcfg update app

Setup application

For time being, there are still few actions required to be done via admin interface after the first deployment:

  • Log in with admin account