Support Access and Storage Logs for Google Cloud Storage

Issue #120 resolved
James Broberg
created an issue

It would be great to be able to enable/disable logging for Google Storage in a similar way as S3/CF.

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  1. James Murty repo owner

    If this is implemented in dkocher's fork then it is also available in JetS3t proper, since the fork has been merged in.

    I'm not sure enough to close this issue right now, so let me know if you can confirm/deny this feature is already available.

  2. David David

    This is readily available in the head of the repository so this issue can be closed. Note that changing existing logging configurations sometimes does not take effect due to issues on the Google Storage side. I was told this will be fixed in about a week.

  3. James Broberg reporter

    David - can you give a code example of how it can be switched on? I'm getting an invalid signature when I try and turn it on via jets3t (sorry I don't have the output on-hand)

  4. James Murty repo owner

    I found a signature-generate bug when setting bucket logging status for Google storage, this is now fixed (see above).

    You can get an idea of how to set bucket logging status for GS by looking at the new tests in the fix changeset, the code is messy since it's exercising both S3 and GS services but it gives at least a general idea.

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